‘I flew 50,000 miles back and forth to US to get perfect IVF twins – aged 49’

‘I flew 50,000 miles back and forth to US to get perfect IVF twins – aged 49’

An air stewardess has told how she flew 50,000 miles back and forth to the US to get her “perfect” IVF twins – at the age of 49.

Susanna Codd almost gave up her dream of being a mum after UK doctors told her she was infertile.

But after falling in love with a new boyfriend she decided to try one last-ditch treatment at a US clinic.

Susanna had to inject herself with fertility drugs while working on British Airways flights to America.

After five 10,000-mile round-trips to the Washington clinic – and three rounds of IVF – she got pregnant.

Around nine months later Liberty, weighing 4lb 13oz, and 6lb 3oz Harrison arrived by ceasarean.

Susanna said: “It’s been a long haul in many ways but they changed my life from black and white to colour.

“The twins are fantastic – they’re so cute and funny.”

Susanna first started trying for children aged 37 without success.

She applied for one free round of IVF on the NHS aged 40, only to be told she was perimenopause.

“They went to harvest eggs – and there weren’t any,” she explained.

“I thought I’d have another go, but they told me there was no point – I’d never have my own children.”

She split with her boyfriend and life was “bleak”, Susanna recalled.

But in 2012, aged 46, she met Mark and found the US centre which offered IVF with donor eggs.

After taking a £25,000 loan to pay for treatment she chose a nurse from a list of donors as she just felt “right”.

Two eggs failed, but in April 2015 she was told she was pregnant.

Now 53, Susanna said: “I felt all warm inside. [It] has taught me there is always hope, even when it seems like there’s no hope at all.”