Who Is BlackWolf? And Why Is He In To Thongs?

After many years of mystery and of people wondering who I am, well all the answers are in the picture above. This is me, BlackWolf, the mysterious webmaster behind the first sucessful website dedicated to thongs, g-strings, and other forms of minimal swimwear, underwear, and lingirie. And yes, I have been a thong wearer and afficienado since 1997. Prior to that, I worn them when I use to stage dance and strip in the 80's and 90's on amatuer nights. I wasn't good at the dancing, but I did fill out that pouch pretty well.

I used to have a wild and active life, no worse than anyone else. But in March 1995, I began having physical problems internally and externally. And it climaxed in May of 1995 with a diagnosis of Systemic Lupus Euramatosis which is general Lupus. Added to my conditions were Lupus Nephritis (Lupus of the Kidneys) and Lupus Cranial (Lupus of the Brain). I began a two year cycle of Cytaxin treatments in June of 1995 for the kidneys, but since the Brain Lupus was mild, I went on Dilantin.

Tragedy and a series of negative events rounded out the year with the death of my mother in December 1995. What followed was a family struggle by her sister (my aunt). And I was kept isolated from many things including legal matters due to my illness. A new battle began when I got a used computer as a gift and signed on to the local bullitin boards. There was not a day when she would cause an argument and threaten to get rid of it when I was not there! But my saving grace happened in February 1997 when I met my friend Spike who introduced me to more of what the web had. He visited me one evening and saw the old PC I had and helped me aquire a newer custom made PC by him. The day we put it in my room, was also the day he met my father. My dad thought it was a good idea to have something like that but my aunt hit the fan and tried to convinced my dad to get rid of it. He told her to back off and leave me alone.

In late April of 1997, I moved in with Spike. To give me something to do, he began teaching me how to program in what was then called Raw HTML. I made some small webpages and they looked good. So one day, Spike told me it was time for me to take my meager skills to a new level. I had to come up with something good. So I thought about thongs! OK, at the time it was rare for men who were not dancers, strippers or porn stars with the neat tan line it leaves who wore them. So I put the face on the web of the thong wearing man.

So How Did I Come Up With The Thong Web Page?

That was easy. With Spike's help and editing skills, I practiced and refined the page. In the process learning table commands as well as where to align pic files. And learning to cut files down to size so that pages are easier to load even on dial-up. Then as an added edge, I went on a research expedition to online stores, classic burlesque sites, art photography sites and other useful webpages. Most of my information came from Spike who had worn thongs when he lived in and around beach areas where they were legal at the time. Then I put all the information together in it's proper place and had created what I called BlackWolf's Thong Page. I began it as a one page website. I uploaded it to a small server where Spike's old site was housed and let a few people know about my work.

I got praise and criticism from all sides. Some like what I had done, but had to put in their opinions. Some said I needed to add more pics, but all that would do is encourage people to take them from the site. Some wanted to see more female pics, some wanted to see more male pics. A select few wanted sexual acts done. One wanted it to be a forum for the right to wear thongs at public areas and resorts. I even got inquiries from escort services wanting to advertise services. Depsite these suggestions and requests, I stuck to my guns and kept the page as it is. It was going to be me who added and subtracted what was going to be on and what was not going to on my webpage.

Later that year, I started the first e-mail list, and got people to subscribe to my list with hopes of adding information like gallery sites, beach locations, and retailers. I had to cut back tempoararily on working on the Thong Page in the late Summer/early Fall of 1999 when I the bone pain in my hip made it unbearable for me to walk. Over the years, I developed near advance avascular necrosis (bone degradation). I had hip replacement surgery on my left hip which was in a state of near disintigration in September of 1999. Then my right hip surgery took place in November that same year. I began to walk better within several weeks of each surgery.

Matters concerning the Thong Page took an unusual change in Winter 1999. We were on a job assignment in New Mexico. I was Spike's assistant and being trained on the mechanics of amusement cranes. We came into our hotel, rested a bit, then Spike checked the mail. We had moved our pages to an ISP that also served as our dial up account. We got a huge bill for bandwidth. We checked the specs, and found that I had a large amount of hits to my page which was now split into five pages. I had over 95 billion hits from all around the world. There were people looking to buy thongs for not only Christmas gifts, but for swimwear in the Southern Hemisphere. We knew we had a hit, but we couldn't capitilize off of it. Our ISP had rules and I could not even put up a pay-per-click banner without getting our pages taken down. The only parties who made money from my work was our ISP who by now put our sites on it's own T1 server, and the retailers who profited from the online sales. In the Spring of 2000, I dealt with a bastard form Singapore who copied my website almost to a T. When I comfronted him by e-mail, he went and spouted out that he and his asian culture was superior. When I informed Spike about what he had done, Spike sent an e-mail that lit a fire under his sorry ass. He took it down a few days later.

In the summer of 2000, Spike had developed heart related problems due to stress. so we made plans to move to Orlando, Florida. This was a move that later would prove to be the worse thing we could do. In March 2001, he had a mild attack that required him to have heart bypass surgery. We were out of work and due to money being tight, I had to take down the Thong Page because it was costing us cash that we needed. Being off the web helped conserved money, but it brought in the other better thong sites that quickly cash in. Even worse, that same bastard from Singapore redid his site to the way I used to have it in the beginning.

But hope was on the way, and it was in the form of Spike's former boss. We now had the ways and means to to get our sites up and running again. The Blue Woof Group was born! Our group of sites included Lupine Systems which is the engineering component, our organization The Warrior Wolves, and Thong World which later became Thongs 4 U. While Spike was recovering, I decided to find all the sexy thong pics on the web. And that's when with a little work, writers cramp, writers block, and lots of coffee, beer, and wine, did I created the Night Zone. Added to that, some amateur pics and created the Friends and Amateur Page. The addition of the News section came about around the time that Daytona Beach was in a battle over persons wearing thongs in the city.

Then we got a second blessing that came before the Holiday season of 2002. After recieving an inheritence from the sale of his father's house, we came back home to Texas to visit family and friends. We noticed how much Austin changed since we left. And how the dot com boom left Austin in a world of hurt. We also found that some of the houses built by the transplanted Silicon Valley elite had literally been abandoned and were being foreclosed. So we decided while driving back to Orlando to move back to Austin.

Anyway, we searched for a place not too far from Austin with a rural setting. And we found it in a little area called Cedar Creek. We returned to Texas in February of 2003 to check it and several other properties. We found the place we loved. It was a bit rough, and it needed some TLC. We now live on .92 acres with two houses. a larger house where we live and a smaller house that will be used for an engineering lab and a screen print station. We bought it in March, and moved there in May. During that time, I had to take a break from working on Thongs 4 U. Now when I finish my household chores, I can do some work on improving Thongs 4 U.

Well, that is all about me. You got questions? Email me!

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