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LINKS - Retailers

The following are sites that make and/or sell thongs and other kinds of lingerie, gym wear, swimwear and accessories. Many of them may either gender specific or gender neutral. What may look be an all women's site like Frederick's Of Hollywood has a small but nice selection of thongs for men. The same has been said for International Male. Other sites are either for women only or for men only. Don't let that hinder your decision on buying a thong from them.

All retailers have some form of secure transfer if you wish to make your purchases online, and phone numbers if you want to call or fax in your order or if you have questions. Some have print catalogs available for your private viewing.

Some of the links have banners and a select few are affiliate sponsors. That means when you visit those sites and make a purchase, I get a percentage from any item bought. The little money that comes to me does help pay for me to keep Thongs 4 U up and running. So keep visiting and keep buying. Every little bit helps.

USA & Canada:

Adam & Eve
A store for loving couples or the wild single. Has nice but minimal thong and lingerie selection.

The specialty all male emporium from Adam & Eve. Also has nice but minimal selection of thongs and microwear.

Bodyworks Man
Fun to wear gym wear, leisure wear and wild dance wear perfect for the in-shape man. Many items military themed and very comfortable.

HE Swimwear is no longer in business due to takeover mismanagement, but that hasn't stopped designer Ron Surfass from returning to the scene with a new name and newer styles. I reccommended him back thenn and I would do so today. So if you want that specially made thong just for you, then go to Buffed Bod and tell him his old friend BlackWolf sent you.

California Muscle
Great place to buy thongs and exercise gear. Now has fun line of unusual underwear, swimwear, and other fashion wear.

A cool retailer from Canada. After starting his business on GeoCities, he now has his own website. If you thought he had hot stuff then, check out his new site now!!!

Fierce Diva
The sister company to California Muscle. Has fun wear for the well shaped woman. Check it out!

Hillcrest Swim
The guys from Club Thongs have branched out. They have developed an excellent line of thong, bikini and boxer brief swimwear. Every style is tailored for individual needs, including several styles for well endowed men.

A new and very sexy site of beautiful thong and bikini styles for women.

Koala Swimwear
This site has many traditional and unusual thongs, swimwear and accesseries for men.

Lover's Lane
A company in Michigan with excellent thongs and other lingerie for men and women. Has excellent items and costumes for individuals as well for strippers and dancers. Also has gifts, books, and other fun items. Special section requires secure password availible from the company.

Mens Underwear Store
Mens Underwear Store have a nicely expanded selection of boxerbriefs, bikinis and of course, thongs.

Men's Underwear & Swimsuit Store (MENSUAS)
Formally known as Underthong, Menuas has an expanded inventory of thong swimwear and underwear from various designers. Owner of this site also run has a blog site listed under Cool Message Boards & Blog Sites.

Prevail Sport
Excellent thongs, bikinis, briefs and boxers brief swim wear and underwear. Their accessory line includes safe tanning and hair removal gels and bodybuilding supplements.

Score Underwear
Score is a new designer hat develops cotton sport underwear. Excellent selection of shirts, sport boxers, bikini, and thongs. All styles come in black and white and are pricey though they have sales on their items every month. Site also has coffee table book for sale and QuickTime videos of posing shoots, factory tour and more.

Another wonderful company from Clearwater, Florida. Excellent thongs, swimwear, gymwear, and beach accessaries. Custom made designs, and specialty fabrics are available for additional charges.

A great company in South Florida. Nice selection of thongs, boxer brief, and bikini swimwear and underwear. Markets their items as All Star Clothing on EBAY.

Underwear Products.
All your favorite under and swim thongs at very reasonable prices.

Victoria's Secret
The number one store for women. You can buy everything form jeans and lounge wear to thongs and at affordable prices. You can order online, get a e-mail newsletter, get a catalog by snail mail, or click on the store locator to visit a store near you.

Younique Boutique
A great place with thong styles by Hot Line, Teensy-Weensy, Male Power, XTC, and more.


BodyAware Online
A good place to purchase thong swimwear, underwear and other items. Now available in the United States.

A hot retailer with all products made buy HOM from thongs to boxerbriefs. JustHOM will even sell and ship internationally.

Kiniki - Direct Male
An excellent retailer! Has thongs in all catagories for men, plus gift ideas and editors choice for selected items. For international orders, a currency calculator has been added to translate the prices from pounds to dollars. Excellent Internet Shopping Security.


If you live or are traveling to Germany, then this is the place for you! Great thongs and other underwear, sportwear, leather and club dancewear.

Another good retailer from Germany. More wild items than you can shake a stick at. But to use the site, it is reccommended that you have the most current version of Adobe Acrobat. Click Here for more infomation. All pages are downloadable PDF files. This site relies on heavy Java, so current versions of Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome are reccommended.

OBOY is better than before. I had the original link back in the early days of the Thong Page when it sold thongs for both men and women. Many of you may also remember that OBOY was an Italian retailer, now is has relocated to Germany. Now it's thongs, clubwear and more for men only. Excellent selection and bonus items make this an exciting site to visit. Even offers more specials to subscribers of their mailing list. Easy pay system and secure checkout features accomodate most world monetary demoninations, including US dollars and Eurodollars.


A new retailer from the Greek Isles. Beauiful styles for women. Now they have sexy styles for men. The photos on the website are not particularly good, but the swimsuits are excellent in fit, durability and quality and come in many original and very sexy designs. Also, the prices are really attractive. Most of the styles range from thongs to microkinis.


Talk about HOT HOT HOT!!! Cocksox is the latest contending designer of swimwear, underwear and activewear. Great designs, greater looking models who pose in their merchendise in various locations around Australia as well as other locales around the world and a very well done media campaign is enough for you to visit and buy their gear. Click on your country of origin to find out what items are available to you.

Dee Jay Sportswear
Excellent resource for thongs, brief swimwear, gym items, and accesories for men.

This is a hot company from Down Under that has a very HOTTTTT selection of thongs as well as jocks, singlets and gym wear for men.

Wicked Weasel
A company down under with excellent thongs and other swimwear styles for women.


If you're looking for a thong or any kind of unusual microsuit, you can find and bid on it here. Believe it or not, thongs do go pretty fast here. Must be registered to make bids.

Men's Gear Auction.
An excellent auction site that has new and gently used sportswear, swimwear, loungewear, and underwear. UPDATE: As of this past summer. the webmaster and seller of MGA has decided to stop operating this site. It is still up for your enjoyment, but is willing to let someone else take over the reins. Go to Men's Gear Auction and contact him if you're interested.

NaughtyBids Adult Auctions
NaughtyBids is similar to EBAY adult auctions, but without the restrictions and without use of PayPal. A similar service, StormPay has replaced Paypal since Paypal will no longer allow adult retailers not utilizing EBAY services. Has thongs for both sexes in styles not found on EBAY. Like EBAY, thongs and other microwear really go fast. Also has excellent novelties, video/DVD's, and gifts. Must be registered to make bids.

LINKS - COOL Health, Beauty, and Fitness!!

LINKS - COOL Message Boards & Blogs!!

The Thong Wearers Message Board
This board replaces now defunct Huge Thong Message Board which was taken down by it's original founder and long time thong wearer. The torch has passed to a new person who assures me that it will function in the same manner. It is a great site and it is gaining in popularity.

Joe Janis' Blog

Joe is the founder of MENUAS store. Most of his blog is all about what he sells and where to go to enjoy beaches and resorts for thsoe who enjoy relaxing in minimal swimwear. He has recently switched blog sites from Blogger to Typepad.

LINKS - COOL Personal Ads/Matchmaking Sites!!!

I am now affiliated with LinkShare and FriendFinder Matchmaking services to bring to you their websites, and recently affliated with the new Eroticy group of matchmaking site. Are you tired of going to that local thong-friendly hangout alone? Would you like a companion to join you? Then check out the banners below to find that special someone be they in your area, across town, across the country, or around the world.

If you are lookin for the perfect mate that goes from mild to wild, then check out the Friend Finder sites. They're sure to have whoever and whatever you're looking for. There's even a FriendFinder for the contenental palatte from German to Asian. Check them out and enjoy!

For the animal in all of us!

For those who dare to venture to the dark side!

For gay/bi guys to find his Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now!

Passion has changed it's format. Now any man or woman can find their perfect romantic match.

For those who seek a friendly face and heart to be with.

For the mature seeking mature companionship.

For those in the GLBT Community to find a single buddy that shares interests or a group of friends to have good times with.

International/Cultural Friend Finder Sites:

FrenchFriendFinder Bon Jour!
IndianFriendFinder Namaste!
Amigos Hola!
ItalianFriendFinder Bon Journa!

LINKS - COOL Travel, Recreation & Getaways!!

LINKS - Software Update Sites

Here are some sites you visit if you need to upgrade or update your software:

Adobe (Acrobat, Macromedia, Flash)
Apple (QuickTime, Mac OS, etc)
Microsoft (Windows XP, Vista, 7, Internet Explorer, Media Player)
Real Networks (Real Player)
Firefox (Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird)
Google Chrome - (The new Google Browser)
Netscape (Netscape Browser)

LINKS - COOL Adult Oriented Thong Websites!!

WARNING!!! The following links are sites that may contain nudity and or various sexual acts between consenting adults. If you are under the legal age of 18 (21 in some states or provinces), and/or do not wish to view these sites, the scroll down to the bottom of this page to continue to the next page.

Can-Am Productions
A website for wrestling fans. Has home videos of wrestlers in thongs, solo bodybuilding poses, and other fun items.

  • Karsten's Loincloth Site
    Karsten is a fan for loincloths which are ancient clothing worn by various tribal cultures. Many people like him wear them today. He has an extensive history from film, television, and documenteries of media that documents loincloths and who has worn them. Also has galleries of other loincloth lovers.

    This is an excellent gallery of men in thongs. After years on being on a free ISP which dumped him, he now has his own site with more pics and is very easy to navigate.

    Underwear.com is a site with galleries of all kinds of underwear, swimwear and loungewear pics. Has excellent thong pics gallery. Also visit it brother site USG Online which is linked there.

    And Now, A Word From BlackWolf's Sponsors!

  • Got a retailer, a mailing list or a personal page related to thongs? Know of any travel destinations that welcome thong wearers to enjoy their pools, beaches and resorts? Are you a bodybuilder (male or female) who has a favorite product from carb proteins to tanning products to competition wear? Let me know and I'll check it out! Also, please send me links to thong sites with women in them. I've had serious requests for them as I have not had the time to search for them. And it would be also cool if you can send links to beach sites as well. Thanks.

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