What styles do Thongs come in??

Thongs come in various styles. For swimmers, there are heavy lycra/spandex thongs made just like competition swimwear. These same suits can be used on the beach for tanning. With a thong, you barely notice the tan line.

Thongs that are used as underwear are made of lighter materials and blends. When worn correctly, they are comfortable and allow more freedom of movement.

Women's styles consists of the lower thong panty for underwear. They are usually combined with teddies and garters for a romantic appearance. On the beach, a thong bikini with a matching top is utilized for tanning. For swimming, women can choose a one - piece thong suit.

Rio thongMicro Bikini1-piece Thong Suit

Low Rise Panty Guide

Men have several popular styles to choose from. First, there is the full thong. Full thongs are styled as both swimwear and underwear. These thongs have total coverage and there are several variations for comfortable accomodation. Next, there is the half thong (or micro thong), which is made from less than half the material of a full thong. If properly fitted, your privates should not fall out of this style of thong. Finally, there's the suspender thong or one-piece combo. This style comes with or without a waist string.

Suspender ThongLeather ThongFull ThongG-String

As mentioned earlier, there are cute thongs that people buy. These thongs range from gators and kilts, to tool belts, devils, and elephants. Even tuxedo and French maid thongs are sold by companies like Frederick's of Hollywood.

Kilt thongGator thongDevil thong

It should be noted that thongs worn by some exotic dancers and strippers are custom-made costumes. Those outfits are NOT designed to be used as swimwear.

The Back of Thongs

Now so far, I have written about all styles of thongs. And I have only dealt with the front. Now, let's talk about the back. First the g-string. This style is the skimpiest thong made. It may look like it doesn't hold, but don't let that little string fool you! Depending on the material, it does hold and the chances of it slipping off is minimal. Then there is the t-back which is wider and stronger. Thongs with those back strap are the commonly used ones for swim and underwear. Now for those who want to try a thong but are still shy, there is style called the Rio. The Rio has more back material, but exposes a portion of the buttocks. It's simular to a bikini, but with a half rear back simular to the front of half thong. And many Rio suits do have slim front styles simular to thongs.

String T-backWide T-backRio Suit

How do you take care of them??

Just follow the instructions on the label. If the label is missing, just gently handwash your thong with a mild detergent like Ivory Gentle Care or Woolite. You can also utilized the gentle cycle of you washing machine. After you wash them, lay them on a flat surface so your thongs can air-dry naturally. DO NOT put your thongs in the dryer unless you have it set on the AIR-DRY cycle. Most laundromat dryers do not have this feature.

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