Thongs...The FAQ!!


This page was developed especially to answer all pertinent questions and to debunk the myths about thongs.

1.) Are thongs just for models and exotic dancers?

No they are not. Many people who are not dancers, strippers, or models wear thongs all the time. They wear them to the beach or pool, at home in private, and as a loose comfortable alternative to underwear underneath their clothes.

2.) Are thongs considered underwear or swimwear?

Both. Depending on the fabric, cotton lycra blend thongs are underwear. Lycra spandex thongs are swimwear. But many people I know have worn their swim thongs as underwear.

3.) Does the butt string ride up between the butt cheeks?

It can if you get the wrong size thong.

4.) What do you mean get the wrong size thong?

Some first time thong wearers (mostly men) do buy thongs a size too small. If the t-back digs in you butt cheeks, then it is too small. The t-back is supposed to fit snug and comfortable. And the strings are supposed to lay comfortably on the hips. This applies to both men and women.

5.) What about thongs for well endowed men?

In the case for men with big endowments, it is suggested that they either purchase thongs a size larger than they normally wear. It is also a good idea to purchase thongs with a larger pouch (commonly known as a flopper). Another comfort suggestion is to make sure that the pouch is big enough to cover the genitals and not cut or dig into the scrotal area.

6.) Aren't all men who wear thongs gay?

NO, not all men who are thong wearers are gay. That's the usual United States assumption that if a man is wearing a thong, then he automatically considered to be gay. And that is the pattern of thinking of some men in the United States. What many men do not know is that the predecessor to the thong, the posing strap, was developed for men to wear as coverage for their genitals during the 40's and well until the late 60's. Those were the times when nudity was considered obscene, especially the exposure of the male sex organs. The male models were both art school, and photography models. And each institution was scrutinized by zealous individuals who monitored classes and investigated each instructor, student, and model to make sure that inappropiate behavior didn't take place in these venues be they art studio education facilities, or college campuses.

In the eighties and nineties, there was a fashion push for baggy boxer and boxer brief swim and underwear in the United States. No longer was it OK for men to wear shorts no higher than half above his thighs. According to some, this was a way of making the boxer a manly accepted item. So called medical studies were done to prove that men would have greater sperm count if he wore boxers instead of briefs or bikinis or smaller underwear. This study made many women who wanted children throw out their husbands or boyfriends old underwear and replace them with baggy boxers.

This push was also to force obsolecence of Speedo type bikinis, jean cut shorts shorts, and all kinds of sexy wear for men. The attitude that developed was that if you didn't wear boxers of briefs, then you were not a real man! These battles continue today over the use of Speedo bikini swim trunks for Mens' swimming and diving competitions with some male swimmers being called the boys in the little "fag suit". In male bodybuilding competitions, the attitude is somewhat varied because they wear these same style suits on stage. Are you gonna call their posing trunks little fag suits to their faces? I don't think so! And as of some competitions beginning in late 2000, them male bodybuilders have begun to catch up with their female counterparts. In the later 90's, many women bodybuilder competitors have begun wearing rio type bikini thong lowers to accent and show off their gluteal accomplishments. The men have begun following suit after the turn of this century with a few daring to wear rio style competition for themselves.

Basiclly, both swimmers and bodybuilders are athletes in a sport that requires them to wear these suits for both practice and competition. The serious swimmer needs to have the speed and water agility streamline to compete. The bodybuilder must practice his posing in front of a mirror, and in front of trusted friends(i.e. coach, workout partner, and others) who critique his posing style.

Europe, Asia, Brazil, and the rest of the Free World doesn't have a problem with this, but people in the USA do. Particularly the avarage American male. Many specialty beaches in the USA are nude/thong friendly, and are patrolled to keep away onlookers and harassers. Many, but not all, of the offenders are young men either alone or in groups or older men who come to gawk at topless/nude women and try to compete for their affections in order to get them in the sack. But it is the younger men who will harrass and even threaten the men who are wearing thongs, shouting anti-gay statement. They will even be as bold to verbally attack family nudists. But the harassments fade when the beach patrol making their rounds show up and escort and/or arrest the offenders. Usually, heavy alcohol (beer) use is the main culprit behind the rude and obnoxious behaviour. So many thongers try to group near one another to watch each others back.

When they bring that American attitude to other parts of the world, they get a real rude awakening. What they think they can get away with in the United States, they won't in Europe! In fact, you don't get a warrant or a ticket, you go straight to jail for a few days. Not knowing the country's protocol is no excuse for bad behaviour. So assuming a man wearing a thong in Europe is gay is not a good thing. That is offensive not only to him, but also his girlfriend or his wife and kids if he is married! They will still be in their boxers, and the rest of the European beachgoers are either thonged or nude! Some American men will never wear thongs, and some will but they'll hide that fact from their friends. But many ingenius men have found a much better use for thongs, and it is usually by accident.

In fact, a passing aquaintence wore a shiny black thong to a beach outing with some friends. A couple of the guys made some cheap snide remarks about it, and he took it in stride.But he was the one who left with a bunch of phone numbers from a lot a beautiful women who commented on his thong. His friends were ignored by these same women, as they were wearing the latest style of baggy boxer swimwear. Later during the summer, he hooked up with one of the women who was a former thong swimwear model. His friends, however, still wore their baggy boxers with the hopes of picking up women. In the end, they were begging him to share those phone numbers. You think he did?

I recieved a tale of a church going man whose wife bought him a thong for a romantic night. Well, one Sunday morning, he didn't have any boxer underwear so he wore the thong under his slacks. After the services, he noticed that his slack did not bunch up like they usually did when he wore boxers. He did take notice that some of his friends slacks did the same thing. So he had his wife get him more thong underwear. It wasn't long afterward that he was asked by several men about why he never had to rearranged his pants after the service. He told them of his discovery, and instead of teasing him, they followed his lead. So the best advantage for wearing a thong is no more visable panty lines (VPL'S).

7.) Why are women in thongs more acceptable?

Since thongs do enhance the natural curves of both male and female body, and since men tend to dominate sexy fashion trends, thongs and women tend to go together well. Male opinion tends to rule acceptance, and therefore if it enhances a woman's body, it is accepted. Female opinions tend to be suppressed in these matters, thus creating the myth that only women should be thonged and that men in thongs express feminism. This is totally untrue, and when it comes down to the wire, more straight macho men wear thongs than gay or feminine men.

Many gay men will go as far as a Speedo bikini, or will (for fashion's sake) wear the lastest brightly colored baggy boxer or boxer brief swimwear. But whether gay or straight, the well-bodied or in-shape male will select items that will accentuate their bodies. An many of these men will purchase these items from companies like Calvin Klein, E2U, Speedo, International Male, Fredricks Of Hollywood, and others like them.

8.) What about the rest of the world. What are their opinions on thongs?

In countries like Europe, South America, Asia, Canada, Australia and the surrounding Pacific Islands, thongs are popular and accepted swimwear for both men and women. And the opinions there are more laid back while the opinions in the United States are of a repressive Victorian nature due to fundamental religious convictions.

9.) But back to the dancers. Don't they wear thongs to sexually entice or arouse the the patrons of the clubs they perform at? And aren't they prostitutes?

At the majority of Gentleman's Club, many female dancers perform stage, table and lap dances. Many of the major chain of clubs have very strict rules concerning dancer/customer interaction. I have, however, no knowledge of lesser clubs in areas where some female dancers do as they may. Many of these lesser clubs are governed by local ordinances. And in some areas, thong laws are rigorously enforced.

Male dancers are another story. They usually perform in regular dance clubs. There are two types of male dance performers. The first are traveling dancers like Chippendale's, Aussie Heat and Bad Boyz Club. They perform for women at regular clubs that have Ladies Night. It should also be noted that many Gentleman's Club chains will have a seperate facility with male dancers for women only. The second type are working dancers. They work as dancers and strippers at selected clubs. Many dancers at some alternative bars do this type of work.

Many stories have been circulating about strippers. Some of these stories are not well deserved. Certain unscrupulous club owners will offer their version of the best dancers to customers with money. Many dancers have alterior motives, and will offer themselves for money. But the majority of strippers I used to know do this as a part-time job. I knew several (male and female) who did this to make extra money while they were in college. Stripping has gone through many major trends. Women have been dancing and stripping since the 1920's, but male strippers and dancers had their start as early as 1977. Stripping is a lost art that has given way to just plain dancing (i.e. shaking the goods) in a thong in some clubs.

A current but controversial trend is underway right now. Many straight male dancers have been working at gay clubs, and lesbian women dancers are dancing at gentlemen's clubs. Why is this? From what I have been told, many straight male dancers perform at gay clubs because having a gay dancer there increases the risk of sexual misconduct. The same can be said for the lesbian women who dance at gentlemen's clubs and gay men who dance for women. It should also be noted that this also applies to strippers who work for strip-o-gram and singing telegram services.

10.) So what is the purpose of BlackWolf's Thong Page?

My page will follow the same Statement of Purpose as written below:

What My Page is Meant For.

1.)To inform and educate about thongs.

2.)To make comparison of all thong styles.

3.)To reasearch and locate thong-friendly areas.

4.)To reasearch and confirm State and International laws on public beaches and pools that allow thongs.

5.)To explain the history of the thong from it's meager beginning, to the modern styles we know of today.

6.)To debunk and put to an end to the so undeserved sleaze factor associated with thongs.

7.) To promote to positive benefits of the sport of thonging.

What My Page is NOT Meant For:

1.)I did NOT create The Thong Page to be interpreted as a sexy sleaze-all! So do not expect to find any models here in erotic poses of any kind.

2.)The Thong Page will not be used to further anyone's political agendas, but will help to protect the rights of individuals who want to wear thongs at friendly resorts and beaches without the fear of harrassment or prosecution. It is best to contact a legal professional for sound and sane advice for these matters because the laws in some areas do change frequently. Remember that one year the beach may be legal to be thong or nude-friendly but the next Summer it may not be.

3.)Questions about thongs, vendors, appearances, location, etc. will be answered promptly. Questions implying sexuality, inquiring about my personal life, or of a sexual nature will be dealt with in a very harsh manner!

4.)Lewd comments about the images and content of this site will not be tolerated! All images on this site have been deliberately reduced in resolution in order to repel those who are only interested in "eye-candy" pics.

The true purpose of The Thong Page is fashion, information, and education. So if after you have read this and you feel you need the sex and the sleaze then I suggest you go to your favorite search enginr to find whatever you're looking for.

So, this should debunk all the myths you have heard about thongs. Feel free to send me e-mail if you have any questions not answered here.

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