Thong Pic Submission Rules/Release Form

Copy and paste this form below to your e-mail, fill it out, and send with your JPEG file.

1.) Men and women of legal age (21 and older) are encouraged to submit.

2.) In shape, athletic, and bodybuilder types, as well as waif and robust types are encouraged as well.

3.) The submitted thong pic or pics must be in JPEG format only. JPEG files up to 30k will be accepted. JPEG files bigger than 30k will be adjusted at my descretion if the submitted file is all you have. GIFs, TARGA, bitmaps (BMP), PICTs, and other extensive graphic files will NOT be considered. Zip, pif, scr, and other like files are not acceptable, and will be deleted!

4.) The submitted thong pic or pics can be posed subject or event candids. Head and face must be shown! Masks and sunglasses are allowed if part of the theme and are acceptable if you want a method of concealment. No headless or modified head/face blockage (i.e. mosaic) shots!

5.) The submitted thong pic or pics must be in good taste. Sexual acts, sleaze poses, magazine shots, and questionable pics will NOT be accepted.

5a.) Men: Hard-on spread-eagle shots in thongs done tastefully are acceptable. Hard ons out of thongs is not! Use good judgement when posing.

5b.) Women: Topless is acceptable, but that is a personal choice left to you. Spread eagle shots done tastefully are acceptable. Wide spread beaver shots are not! Use good judgement when posing.

5c.) All: If you choose to do a rear (back) shot, then you must show your facial profile in those pics as well. Rear shots that are in very bad taste will NOT be accepted and will be properly deleted!

6.) If you submit front and back pics, both will be combined to make one pic or made into a mini website at my discretion.

7.) You have the choice of having personal information listed with your pic like your e-mail address and/or personal website. If you have a gallery of yourself in thongs or other, then this can be an outlet for self promotion. You can choose to remain anonymous if you wish for no contact of any kind. But the information must be kept on file for my records.

8.) As owner and webmaster of this site, I do have the final word of what goes on and what doesn't. Rejected pics will be deleted. All submitted final cut pics become property of BlackWolf's Thongs 4 U and Blue Woof Group Ltd.

9.) All pics submitted by e-mail MUST be accompanied with a release stating that you the submitter give myself, BlackWolf, sole and legal permission to post your pic/image on the Thongs 4 U/Thong Page/Friends & Amateur sites .

10.) You also state that if you are contacted by an outside interest, BlackWolf is not legally responsible for the outcomes that may transpire.

The goal is to show how much you love thongs, g-strings, and other forms of microwear. If you want to be a part of the the number 1 page dedicated to thongs, then submit and join the fun.

First Name ___________________________

Middle Name ___________________________

Last Name ___________________________

Alias ___________________________

(Optional) Address ________________________________

City ________________________________

State/Provence ________________________________

Zip/Postal Code ________________________________

Country _________________________________

E-mail Address _____________________________

Website/URL _____________________________

Gender ____________________

Sexual Orientation ___________________

You affirm that by submitting this release form and pic file, you give BlackWolf full permission to publish the pic file and to adjust it as he sees fit.

You affirm that what contacts that may transpire as a result, that BlackWolf will not be responsible for.

If such a time comes that you desire to have your pic taken off any or all sites, you must send an e-mail stating that you wish this action done and BlackWolf will comply.

If you wish to replace a pic, you will notify BlackWolf, and submit new pic which will be under the same submission guidelines and rules.

To submit pics or need further information and or clarification, send me mail here

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