This Is It, And No I Don't Mean The Michael Jackson DVD!!

Hello Fellow Thongers. Yes, this is it for Thong World News and The Thong and Fashion Review section. I am now moving further articles to my blog on Blogger. It is called Thong Wearing Democrat. It will focus on thongs and microwear, but also on sports, entertainment, politics, and life in general. Lately, there has been a lack of interest in both my groups on Yahoo and Google so as of January 1st 2011, they will both be dissolved and I will concentrate on my blog. I have had it up on a low level, and now I am going to be proactive as much as I can.

It has been a good while since I last did some major updating to Thongs 4 U and I am correcting that oversite. With health aand medical matters abounding, it's kind of been hard to take care of matters. But I am trying. The reason my site is the way I have laid it out is because I use the KISS (Keep It Simple, Son) method of programming. I have told by many visitors that my site is the easiest to use and navigate, and up til recently very informative. Well now, I am going to make it so that once I get most of the site stable, then all I need to do is just update information and send out inquiries. I hope you'll like the work I have done.

All the news I have for now.

Stay Thonged

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