Advertising Information and Rates

At this time, I am accepting advertising from all business websites. The current rates are as follows:

Standard Banner (480X60) - $150.00 a month.
Unusual Sized Banners - $135.00 a month.
Banners smaller than Standard - $125.00 a month.
Banners larger than Standard - $175.00 - $2500.00 a month. Sliding Scale Fees will apply depending on the business.

Motion banners require additional bandwidth and additional rate costs will apply depending on size of file and loading speed. Pop up ads will be considered unacceptable.

Company must provide banners and links.

Ads for national retail products will appear on the main Thongs 4 U and on the Original Thong Page webpages.

You must tailor or design the appropiate ad for these sites. And all ads must meet approval by the owners of Blue Woof Group.

Contact Infomation

You can reach me at the email addresses below.

Click to send e-mail to the appropiate box:

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I can also be reached on America Online (AOL) as ThongedWuf

You can also reach me by snail mail at:

J. Vincent Harris
169 Taylor Lane
Cedar Creek, Texas 78612

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